Unity-like ECS

Rem's Engine's main target is being used kind of like ECS. Entities define the structure of your project and world, and components define their appearance and behaviour.


The Entity class is defined in me.anno.ecs.Entity. It has a list of children and components. It also has a name and description for development. Additionally, each Entity has a (3d) transform, and respectively a (3d) AABB (axis-aligned bounding box) for quick frustum culling.


As previously described, Components make a scene. To get started, take a look at MeshComponent, AnimRenderer, and the different types of lights like AmbientLight, DirectionalLight, PointLight, Spotlight and EnvironmentMap.

Audio Components

There is a basic audio components, but it hasn't been tested that well yet.

Signed Distance Functions

Rem's Engine has a large collection of SDF shapes that can be used to build geometry as well. They can be found in the mesh folder.

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